*fingers crossed*

First of all, thanks so much for all the comments, phone calls, e.mails, thoughts, prayers, and good vibes being sent out... most of my family are either currently in transit, on their way back here, or about to embark on the journey.

I am thrilled that my parents are planning to leave Lebanon tomorrow. They are not as excited as I am. In fact, they sounded really down when I spoke with them this afternoon about it. If my brother and I weren't calling every hour to ask "are you gone yet?" they would stay there. I'm very tempted to pick up the phone now to see whats happening. 7am. Its already tomorrow there. The sun has already risen and they're probably getting ready to lock up their house, say goodbye to the mountains, and drive down to Beirut. Normally there would be a whole entourage of 3/4 cars taking them down to the airport, but this time they'll be going down alone. Its really not safe for anyone to drive around. I must sleep with my fingers crossed and send them good wishes of a safe trip down and through Beirut.

Turns out someone there knew someone here who talked to someone there who helped my grandmother, uncle, aunt and their families all board a ship safely on Saturday morning. My grandmother was very sad to leave, but I'm so glad she agreed to it. They received a call at midnight to say they had to be at the ship by 3am. I thought they were in Cyprus, but just found out today they are actually in Turkey waiting for a flight out, and might be there for another three days. My brother and his wife are in Jordan. I got a text message from them about how awesome the dead sea is. Hopefully they will arrive here in the next few days.

My parents are coordinating with the same person there that knew someone here who talked to someone there who helped my relatives board the ship on Saturday, so I'm hoping my parents will have an ok experience with leaving and all. Part of me feels bad that I've called everyday and put so much pressure on them to get back over here, and another part of me is relieved they've made the decision to get out. I understand that where they live now in the mountains is safe, but really no place there is safe, and we are all worried sick about what is going to happen when the bombing stops. 1,000,000 people displaced. I really hope this will not spur another civil war. I really hope all my friends and families and friends families stay safe over there.

Phew, my posts sure have gotten blabby! Alright, next post will be something creative. and fewer words. promise.


Laini Taylor said...

Glad to hear things seem to be going well for your family. If only everyone had somewhere to go and be cared for!

Maddy said...

Shoofly, don't feel bad about telling this important story. People want to know.
Good luck to your parents.

Stef said...

Ditto - thanks for letting us in to what's going on with your family. I know it's very personal for you, but for many of us hearing your story helps make what might otherwise be just another story of violence on the news seem so much more tangible and real. Good luck to your parents, and I'm glad the rest of your family has made it out.

Reya Mellicker said...

Your words right now are very important. This is the kind of first person "news" that gives context to the TV "news" and the newspaper "news." Thank you so much for writing!

Also - it was perfectly correct for you to harrass your parents to get out of the country. Applying as much pressure as you could, phoning everyone you could think of - anything short of that would have been irresponsible. I salute you!

Keeping my fingers crossed till I hear your parents are safely out of harm's way.

Magpie said...

i hope your family all make it out okay. What a nerve wracking situation. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts out for you!

Sweet said...

So glad!

Heather said...

thank goodness!!!