weekend getaway.

Two years ago SA and I went to New Hope, PA in Bucks county for our getaway mini-honeymoon after the wedding. This weekend we're going back again.

photo by Thomas Graves

Why New Hope? Well, its a fun little town by the Delaware river and is really close to Doylestown, PA, home to everything Henry Mercer. Two museums and a pottery/tilework factory to be exact. The most amazing thing is all three of these buildings are made of concrete.

The Mercer Museum is where all of his collection of everyday objects are housed. He arranged it like the structure of our brain. The ground floor is mostly essential tools, and as you move upwards in the building you see tools used in printmaking, medicine, fabric weaving, etc. Chairs, carriages, wagons, and more are suspended from the ceiling.

Then there is the Moravian Pottery & Tileworks where they still make reproductions of Mercer tiles! A few jumps away is the Fonthill Museum (photo at left), where almost every inch of wall/floor/ceiling is embedded with the most colorful tiles.

Yarn Harlot recently posted about being in Doylestown, PA. As I read her post I realised that I didn't know there was a yarn store in Doylestown. How is that possible? I look up yarn store info on every location I visit! Well, then I remembered I've only been knitting for just over a year, so two years ago I was blind to the yarn stores all around me. Crazy!

Just two weekends to go till Sheep & Wool. I think I can hold off any yarn purchases for two more weeks. But me thinks I should maybe at least peek my head inside the Doylestown yarn store. Just out of knitters ettiquette. And curiosity I suppose.

oops...I better run off to pack!


Stef said...

This just reminds me of how truly amazing your wedding photos are. Sigh. Someday I hope to have a day like yours!

Have a great trip! We should get together for lunch or coffee very soon. It's amazing how far away the 4th floor can seem sometimes. :-)

Mary Beth said...

I grew up right near New Hope - I know it well! Enjoy!

igotmoxie said...

awww....doylestown....say hi to my parents....

i don't know of a yarn store in doyelestown either...there's on in lahaska in the peddler's village shopping center.i went there with my mom last summer. it's wasn't great..

Roz Foster said...

Is it your anniversary this weekend, then? Happy, happy! That wedding photo is adorable, very romantic-looking--black and white makes it look ideal... like a shot from the glimmering fifties.

Look at all those gocco prints down below! They look fantastic... as they do on Holograph!

ellia said...

you are such a beautiful bride!!! well you were... you are a beautiful wife now! and a beautiful artist... :D

Reya Mellicker said...

Hope your weekend is wonderful. Happy anniversary!

joy said...

wow, i had no idea about that Museum. I live in Philly, but my parents have a Thai restaurant right near there...will have to check out The Mercer Museum! hope you had a great weekend in New Hope!

shoofly said...

Thanks, Stef, Mary Beth, igotmoxie, Roz, Ellia, Reya, and joy!

I probably should have posted sooner to get more recommendations on places to check out!

Yes, Thomas is an amazing photographer. We have about 800 images and they are all pretty awesome.

moxie, I saw the peddler's village store but didn't pull over. We were on our way to doylestown with bigger plans! The yarn store in doylestown was right around from the bookstore, in an alley, and really tiny. But still, fun to check out anyways!

joy, do your parents have a thai restaurant right in doylestown? I can't remember the name, but we ate at a place that was a thai/french mix. If it is, how funny!

we bought a ton of tile at the tileworks place. and fonthill is just incredible. i hope to post some pics soon. phew. this is a long comment!

sean said...

hey you're a hottie!