makes running with scissors innocent*

First of all, please meet my new logo:

Thanks dear friends for answering my frantic e.mails and helping me decide on one to go with! You all picked the same one!

*last night, I saw a woman walk a whole block, and then cross the street with an eyelash curler stuck to her face! How crazy is that? Hey lady, you'll poke your eye out!


flossy-p said...

COOL logo!

ellia said...

ohhh what a good choice!!! its perfect!!!! and my goodnss, your side note is a hoot!

Maddy said...

Love the logo.

Poor woman, that's got to hurt.

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Hey! Neat logo! Love it.

By the way, finally got to know your real name. Shall I call you Rania or Shoofly from now on? ;)

shoofly said...

Thanks everyone!

Christine, call me whatever you like! But only nice names, please! maybe when I redo my blog I'll just change my name to rania...guess that would make things easier, right?

lyn said...

An eyelash curler ? I'm speechless.
Love the new logo.
: )