swaddling my print gocco.

Two Wednesdays ago my very first Print Gocco Press arrived. There must have been a silent ring at the door because all I know is I heard a ‘hey shoofly c’mere’ from downstairs and I shuffled my way down to find the fabulous package there in front of me. So exciting. And no, I didn’t open it right away. But when I did, I swooned over each and every element in the box. So. cool.

My first project was a set of napkins and some thank you cards for my friend’s baby shower. (yes, I hosted a baby shower. yes, that was my first evite. yes, if you send me one I promise to reply). I drew the swaddled babies, stamped the words, scanned it all in, printed it, photocopied it, and then I was ready to make my first gocco print. After I printed the cards, I painted each one in with watercolors.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

It really is as easy as ‘they’ say it is. Thanks to getcrafty and the small object for posting such helpful step by step instructions. Also, thank you flickr for hosting all those fab photos of gocco printed work. Oh, and Paper Source for offering workshops.

The cd/video included in the box is quite a find. Dated and so unbelievably cheesy. Yes, I still talk about my Print Gocco all the time. Its like I got a new cat. It needs a name.

my evite testimonial.

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I never replied to evites...

That is, until I made my own.

Yes, that was the turning point for me. I had such fun picking out the design, colors and background. Oh, and the writing, too. I even managed to make it rhyme. Every time I found an rsvp I did a little dance. And the party was a lot of fun too. To all my friends that have sent me evites and I never replied: sorry.


Shoefly wha?

After Thanksgiving dinner at La Tasca (one of the few non-chinese-restaurant places open on Thanksgiving in Chinatown), sitting in an empty movie theatre after having watched ‘Walk The Line’ and the credits (yes, I’m one of those credit-watching people. ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ wins my vote), a friend said that he made 2 shoefly pies for Thanksgiving. Shoe fly? Pie? What?

The next day at an anti-Thanksgiving dinner at another friends house, I tried some shoofly pie for the first time. It was explained to me that no, its not 'shoefly' but 'shoofly'. The name made such a great image in my head. I had to have it. Especially since I had spent the previous 24 hours thinking about what an absurd name shoefly was for a pie. Crazy.