sbcwi. scwbi. SCBWI.

SCBWI = Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I could never it right until I joined a few weeks back. Now I totally know how to spell it!

In just over two weeks I'll be heading up to NYC for the SCBWI Winter Conference. I am so excited, yet still a little nervous since it will be my first time attending. Sean and I are going up a few days earlier to just hang out in the city, and maybe take a quick trip to Brooklyn to check out some galleries and the new etsy lab.

I do have some homework to do before the event, I'll be doing an illustration to show in the Art Display. Am currently working on some ideas and will post progress once I start.

In other news, I've made the etsy front page twice in the past month! [Thanks flossy-p for sending a page capture!]

Also, thank you poppytalk for featuring my Macy Notebook!

I am always fascinated by all the awesomeness found on the internets, and all the connections from one site to another. From illustrationmundo I found this interview with Carson Ellis on youtube. I love love love her work. Also check out paper forest, a lovely blog all about "paper art news and ideas", and then visit the illustrations by the writer, Jaime Zollars. Beautiful.

Perfect eye candy for a Sunday afternoon.


kissing ramona.

Meet Ramona. Ramona swam faster than any boy.
She swung higher than any girl and wrote better cursive
than the prettiest teacher in school.

But there was one thing she couldn't bare the thought of.
Even the teeniest mention of the word kissing,
and Ramona's face would turn the brightest pink.


the invented sun.

Have I mentioned Sean's got an opening tonight? I'll be there all night, please stop by! Its his first solo show in a commercial gallery. Isn't that awesome?

The title of the show is 'Worshippers of the Invented Sun' and here are two of Sean's pieces:

Left: Great Minds Think Alike, Right: The Imaginary Idea of Time as Concrete

He artwork combines paint, plaster, glass, concrete, and mythology. You can read more about his work here.

Opening is 5-10 PM. Touchet Gallery is located at the corner of Fleet Street and South Anne Street in Fells Point, Baltimore. Tonight is also First Friday Fells Point ArtLoop, so 9 other galleries will be open late as well.

Hope you can make it!


welcome january.

Ah. Its nice to start a new year. 2007. Hope its an awesome year for you. and you. and you!

Here is my latest piece:

Knit XXVI. mixed media. 12" x 9" [SOLD].

Upcoming art dates for Sean & I are below, hope to see you there!:

The Warehouse :: December 31-January 27
Opening was New Years Eve, and thats when I discovered
I got an awesome spot in this show!

1017 7th St NW :: Washington, DC

Worshippers of the Invented Sun
Touchet Gallery :: January 5-February 11
Sean's first solo exhibit at a gallery!
Opens Friday night, 5-10pm, hope you can make it!
536 S. Ann Street :: Fells Point :: Baltimore, MD

Counter Culture Festival II :: Saturday, January 27 :: 4–7:30pm
Dr Dremos Taphouse :: Hosted by the DC Conspiracy
2001 Clarendon Blvd. :: Arlington, VA