new. new. new.

Over December I branched out a little bit with the Moleskine notebooks and began printing some of my illustrations on the larger cahiers. I started with two of my favorite designs, the Magnolias illustration, and the Shadow Pods:

Shadow Pods XL Shadow Pods L
Shadow Pods
Purple Magnolias XL Etched Magnolias L
The black notebooks are large [5¼" x 8¼"], kraft notebooks are extra large [7½" x 9¾"]

Thank you to everyone who emailed me requesting the larger Moleskine formats. I'm really delighted with the way they turned out, so much that I gave them a special corner in my shop. As always, new illustrations are always in the works. I hope you're enjoying the notebooks you already have.... I think they look better once they're filled with your writing and drawings, so please use them! [yes yes, I'm talking about you!]