7 things.

:: 1 :: I don't own a TV, and haven't for about 6 years now.

:: 2 :: So that means I watch a lot of youtube and netflix movies on the computer, and I listen to a lot of NPR. A lot. And some days I mix up stories and events and it makes for a lot of internet searching to find out if said stories really happened.

:: 3 :: Thank you to everyone who forwarded presale info to me, but I didn't end up buying tickets to the upcoming Decemberists concert. I'm a little upset they're playing such a big venue and that the tickets are so expensive. At their Strathmore show last month we had the best seats ever. But I'd rather watch then standing. Come back to the 930 club again, pretty please?

:: 4 :: I would love to see Neko Case live. That would make me very happy. And Cat Power as well.

:: 5 :: Despite circulating rumors, I'm not a doll person at all, but I have to say that artandghosts' work intrigues me. I want to visit her worlds.

:: 6 :: A few months ago I got myself a teeny tiny blackberry, and yes, I am totally obsessed with it.

::7 :: And finally, I know who's bringing the gocco back, but I'm not telling!

I was tagged by Samantha, Jenn, and Cat Bishop. Since three people tagged me, and three times seven equals anyone on the internets reading this now, consider yourself tagged!

But before you go, check out this how-to-screenprint-your-own-tees and-add-glowing-red-eyes by Make: that featuring Matt Stinchcomb of etsy {and also one of the founding members of the French Kicks}. Awesome.

Makes me wish I had that knowledge when I was little. Fashion plates wih red eyes would have been so hot.

But maybe not so hot on these guys:


well, yes.

Of course I went.

As hard as I tried, there really was no way I could miss it. As much as I convinced myself that I had enough yarn, I still had to go. And I did.

My mom was my accomplice. We got there in the late afternoon and spent the time walking the grounds, visiting all the vendors, and talking to the animals. These guys were seriously cute. I was really tempted to reach in and ruffle the mess of hair on their heads:

This time I mostly shopped for yarn I could use in my artwork, because seriously, there's enough yarn still waiting in my stash. I found some lovely silk, linen, and hemp, and more of my favorite bryspun needles.

And then the next week at Squidfire, my booth was beside Woolarina's. It didn't take much to make me pounce on some hand painted and hand spun wool. I also saw the cutest baby pug ever. All black and more adorable than you can imagine. But no, I didn't come home with him.

And of course I can't end a post of animal pics without including the cats. So here's little Tonka, the cuter one. I'm not sure what she's trying to say with this sleeping pose, but I think she just turned 2.



Back in February I saw the most amazing exhibit of Louis Comfort Tiffany's work. I had no idea how multi-talented he was. I pretty much thought he only made fabulous lampshades. Did you know he was also a painter?

One of the pieces that really struck me was a wall of stained glass magnolias. The petals of the magnolias were made up of opaque glass that was folded against itself and made the flowers look magical.

The next day I drew my impression of those magnolias in my pocket moleskine, and a few weeks later I transformed the drawing into a print, and yes, now it's everywhere.

I find that it's so hard to stop once you've started gocco printing, and pretty much shove anything that doesn't have a tail or heartbeat into the press to see what comes out.

A few years back, Sean bought be a small etching press. That poor little press received so little love and started to rust. One of the things on my big to-do list is to fix it up again and maybe do some monotypes on it. If you don't see me write about it in the next few weeks, please remind me. Thanks. And again, I promise not to shove anything that has a tail through there. That wouldn't be pretty.

I wasn't able to get a pic of the Tiffany Magnolia panels, but I'll leave you with this pic I took a few weeks back in the garden beside the Smithsonian Castle.


5 days to go go.

If you haven't yet been to Artomatic, there are just 5 days left. The show closes on Sunday, go go go!

Knit XXIX. mixed media. 8" x 10"

Knit XXVIII. mixed media. 10" x 8"

Please come by our last open studio party this Saturday, May 19, noon-5pm. I'm working on some new pieces and hope to have them ready by then!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Baltimore on Saturday. It was a lot of fun getting to meet so many people. Afterwards, Sean and I went out with a bunch of awesome etsy people for pizza and beer. We'll be back in Baltimore again on the 23th of June for Pile of Craft. Hope to see you all again!


hello baltimore.

I'll be setting up my little shop at the Squidfire Spring Art Mart today! Mount Vernon Square Park, from 11-7pm. If you're in Baltimore {or nearby} please stop by and say hi!

And tomorrow, Sean and I will be setting up at the Marketplace at Artomatic on the 8th Floor, from 3-8pm. Artomatic is in Crystal City, and the whole big show will be up for only 8 more days!