:: Crafty Bastards :: October 1st ::

Yes, October 1st is this coming Sunday! Only 6 days left till Crafty Bastards!

I'll be in booth #14, right here on the map:

Please stop by and say hi!

:: Sunday, October 1st 10am-5pm ::
Marie Learning Center :: Adams Morgan :: 18th St NW & Wyoming Ave

Click here to check out all the super awesome vendors and entertainment!

gocco ornaments.

Here is what the mystery ribbon post was about: gocco printed ornaments!

Gocco print in silver ink, same design as I printed on the Moleskine in this post. These can be used to decorate your space or for fancy giftwrap.

I am working on some other themed sets and hope to have them ready in time for Craft Bastards. Less than one week to go...

More fun stuff in the works from this past weekend, but I gotta take pictures first before I can say any more!


three blind mice.

see how they run!

They're running from the kitty cats, cause, um, these mice are actually kitty toys.

They were knit in mohair, from *my* pattern, seamless, stuffed with 100% organic catnip, and then given eyes (but sadly, no sight). I printed little gocco tags for them and sold them in sets of 3. I'll have more of these at Crafy Bastards in two Sundays!

Thanks mom for helping me knit the mice!

In other blog knitting news, Little Cotton Rabbits posted a free pattern for the cutest knit stockings ever. Click here to see it. And while you're there, make sure you check out her fairy cakes and rabbits!


shop update.

Knit XIV detail

I've updated my etsy shop with some of my connected paintings. Only catch is, I will have to take them off etsy on September 30 so I can show them at Crafty Bastards (October 1, yay!). If there is anything you like that I haven't posted there yet, please drop me a note: darnknit at gmail dot com. Thanks!



Thats when my house was born. 111 years ago. SA and I bought this house three years ago. Three seems so little compared to 111.

Here are some pics of the original tile in our foyer:

Yep, the tile is 111 years old. Thats pretty crazy old.

In art news, looks like artomatic won't happen this fall as planned, so they're now searching new sites for a 2007 show. Good luck!


get involved.

Imagining Ourselves is the project I wrote about months ago, the reason behind my art exhibit in Beirut this past summer. Here is their most recent global call for submissions, and your chance to participate:

6 Continents :: 187 Countries :: Millions of Women

The International Museum of Women invites you to be a part of Imagining Ourselves , an online global exhibit featuring art, photographs, essays and film by young women in their 20s and 30s answering the question, "What defines your generation?"

If you have a story to tell, images to share, a voice that wants to be heard, we welcome your submission. We are accepting film, audio, images and text on these issues: War and Dialogue, Young Men, Motherhood, Image and Identity and for an Online Film Festival. Get to know our exhibit by going to www.imow.org and clicking on the Imagining Ourselves exhibit.

Read stories, view artwork and film and listen to music and spoken word from the many young women from all around the world.

Be inspired. Get involved. Take action. Visit www.imow.org

macy got framed.

I've added Macy, gocco printed Moleskine cahiers, and One Page Tales to my etsy store! Soon to be posted for sale: some of my paintings.

Thank you notebookism for mentioning my cahiers!


new gocco printed moleskine.

These two Moleskine prints are my latest works in progress:

back :: front

back :: front

ps :: If you missed a silver leaves Gocco Moleskine at AM Day, I've posted it for sale here.

i'm on Craft:

Well, my paintings really! Click here to check it out.
Thanks Craft:!


my first festival.

Adams Morgan Day was a ton of fun! It was my very first outdoor festival and I had spent days and weeks preparing for it, and even with that there were so many last minute details to take care of!

The highlight of my day was selling a painting early in the morning as I was setting up! How awesome is that?

Thank you everybody for coming by, checking out my work, and especially for buying it! I was so exhausted by the end of the day but it was so much fun. I'm doing this again in a few weeks at Crafty Bastards, so please come visit me again there!

One question that came up many times during the day was if I had a store. My hope is to re-think my etsy store this coming week and update it with more current stuff. Will post any updates I make here!


Its Sunday!

Adams Morgan Day! I'll be one of the artists on Belmont... stop by, say hi!


Two days to go.

Knit XVIII. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit XV. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit X. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit XVII. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit XVI. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

:: three days to go.
:: my art lounge exhibit.
:: knit signing.
:: some more connections.
:: open studio fun.
:: about connectedness.
:: knitting dreams.
:: kite watcher.
:: imagining ouselves.


Three days to go...

...till Adams Morgan Day! Hope to see you there!

Here is my latest set of paintings *updated with more acurately colored pics!*:

Knit XIII. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit XIV. mixed media. 14" x 11"

Knit XII. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit IX. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit XI. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

I'll have 5 more to post in the next day or two!

:: my art lounge exhibit.
:: knit signing.
:: some more connections.
:: open studio fun.
:: about connectedness.
:: knitting dreams.
:: kite watcher.
:: imagining ouselves.


spiders + chocolate pudding.

A few months ago flossy-p wrote about an awesome dream she had, and that was the beginning of our creative swap! I made her a painted illustration of the dream, and she made me the most fabulous little bag in the world. Flossy-p just got her package from me, so here is the final illustration:

spiders + chocolate pudding, watercolor and ink on arches 140lb hot press paper, 10"x7"

This is the first time I made a larger painted version of my characters. I mostly do them really tiny. Here are two previous stages of the illustration to give a better sense of how I build up colors/lines:

Almost final :: More color was added to the character, you can mostly see it in her hair.

The beginning :: I really liked the sky in this, but wanted the overall look to be darker so I kept working on it.

Now please, go take a look at the pictures and read about the most fabulous little bag in the world. Those who know me well know that I always have a little bag strapped around me. always. baggage for baggage. just for the essentials: keys, wallet, cell phone, and tiny sketch book of course!