knit dress: dancing [fancy]

Knit Dress: Dancing [Fancy] 2012

My latest mixed media fiber installation, Knit Dress: Dancing [Fancy], was inspired by Eadweard J. Muybridge to show moments in time of a tiny dress suspended in air. The day after I made the decision to go in this direction, I learned it was Muybridge's birthday. I knew then I was on the right track.

 A friend, and fellow artist, Andy Cleavenger wrote this about the work:
...Her pieces have always shown an element of interaction between them, but that interaction was usually physical, such as a knitted element that stretched between two painted canvases. Well, with these the element that connects them is the implied passage of time, as though we were looking at individual film stills displayed in sequence. Each one is strong enough to stand on its own, but it is as a group that they start to tell a story. And I love the sense that I am seeing the passage of a moment all at once.

Knit Dress: Dancing [Fancy] 2012

To fully appreciate the sequence, I put together this stop motion animation:

The piece was installed at Artomatic, and will be on display through June 23. Prince George's County Parks and Recreation purchased the whole bottom row for their permanent art collection. There are still some panels of the upper row available in my shop.

There are only two days left to see the full installation in place on the 9th floor [space 140] at Artomatic 2012:
May 18–June 23, 2012
1851 S. Bell Street | Arlington, VA 22202