gocco printed bookplates.

On Saturday I hopped on the metro and went to the Book Arts Fair in Silver Spring, MD.

My favorite books there were mostly the ones that were silkscreened, etched, letterpressed with fun bindng work and occassional diecuts. And if they combined all of the above and had a little bowl of chocolates on the side, I stood and stared forever.

I was quite surprised to find so many books printed on inkjet printers. My impression was that those types of books were made using traditional hand printing methods like etching, woodcuts, silkscreening, etc. I only found one table with gocco printed stuff: postcards.

So overall the exhibit made me respect my inkjet printer a little more and I hope to put it to some good use soon. The last time I made a book on an inkjet was in college.

These bookplates were inspired by a little handwritten inscription in a children's book I have. When I find the camera I'll post a picture. There are six diffrent designs, and yes, all the bookplates are in my shop.

Thank you all for reading my blog even with my decrease in posting...December is going to be a big month with some fun local shows. I can't believe we're so close to the end of the year!


open studio sunday.

On Sunday Sean is hosting an Open Studio at our Mount Rainier space. Details, map and directions have been posted here. I'll be at a wedding so Sean will be hosting this alone, please come by!

Here is some of my latest work in progress:

Last Thursday the Art Monday crew got together again to make live artwork as the bands played. Yes, we were part of the entertainment. It was quite interesting to find that we had a crowd watching as we worked.

If you're going to Handmade Arcade in Pittsburg tomorrow, Woolarina will have some of my notebooks and three blind mice for sale at her table. Other Craft Mutineers will be there so check out their stuff too!

My online shop will be down this weekend as the whole etsy upgrade takes place, but it will be back up and runing again on Monday.

Have a great weekend, everybody! The weather was gorgeous in DC today, hope its as nice everywhere else too!



Tomorrow night at Cheif Ike's in Adams Morgan the Art Monday crew will be doing collaborative artwork on stage (well, maybe off to the side) while the bands play. For this event, our name will be The Calavera Collective. Above is the awesome flyer that Kirk designed.

Speaking of mutiny, have I mentioned that I'm the newest member of Craft Mutiny? I haven't? Oops. Go check it out!