please don't go, gocco.

Last Thursday was the first day I participated in Illustration Friday and I was so excited I just had to click through as many of the other submissions as I possibly could. I was the 455th person to post, so my clicks were pretty random...sometimes I clicked because I was intrigued by the name, but mostly I clicked blindly down the list to see what would come.

All was very, very exciting (I even commented on my faves!) until I came across a post on one site that said there are rumors that Riso in Japan was no longer going to make/export print gocco machines! ah! terrible news!

I spent most of the next day searching for Gocco stuff to buy. I found that most sites had sold out of the printer bodies, but accessories still seem widely available. An e.mail bounced back from a major supplier and I near freaked out, especially since I had been trying to call their number all day and no one answered. Good news: I did hear back from them later. phew. I managed to buy a fabric printer and will be crossing my fingers till it gets here. Yes, I still plan on buying a ton of supplies.

You can read more about efforts, news and how to save gocco here.

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In case you also want to stockpile gocco stuff, here are links to some US distributors of Print Gocco accessories and suppliers that I have used:
welsh products
think ink
northwood studios
dick blick

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