a travelling journal.

Last week I was the lucky first person to break in Book 3 of Etsyjournal:

Polly in Etsy Journal 3 [detail]

Polly in Etsy Journal 3! Polly in Etsy Journal 3!

Please remember, dear friends, swallowing pits is very bad for you, and will result in strange things growing out of your body. Consider yourself warned!

Four handmade books are travelling from one Etsian to another, and after each artist is done, the spreads are being posted to the Etsyjournal blog. The gorgeous book was handmade by Lauren [stellaloella on etsy]. It took me a few days to get started, I was totally blown away by how perfect it was.

I haven't spent much time in the studio at all this year, have mostly been working on prints from the house. Here is a photo of what I've been missing:
My Studio

I hope to get back there soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh so awesome. I must look in to getting my little claws on one.

rania said...

corvus, if you're an etsy seller, here is all you need to do:

To sign up, please EMAIL etsyjournal [at] gmail.com with:
-- Your name
-- Your mailing address
-- Your Etsy username

More details here.

Beth said...

This is a fantastic idea. Thanks for posting about it. Looks beautiful.