arts on foot.

This past Saturday was Arts on Foot and it turned out to be an awesome event. Here are some pics from the super windy day! The hardest part of setting up was making sure everything stayed in place, and the artwork was hung straight!

Sean and I each had our own booth and were set up right next to each other. It turned out to be a great test for our Craft Bastards set up where we'll also have neighboring booths. Yay! It's only 10 days away!

I've been making like crazy and have slowly been adding the new stuff to my store. Hope to still post photos from Adams Morgan Day, and my trip up to visit Etsy a few weeks back. And of course my new paintings and illustrations! Yes, time is moving backwards here at goshdarnknit. Anyone got a time machine I could borrow? :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rania--

Looks like fun!

I've misplaced your email address, but I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we just went live with issue 4 of HolographMagazine.com and we have a brand new design, t'boot. Enjoy!



iSeL said...

Hey! Great stuff. I got the Knit Budies and Etched Magnolias Moleskines. I love them both. So glad to see the Crafty Bastards getting better and better every year.