more crafty.

Here are some more pics from Crafty Bastards for those of you who couldn't make it. Sean and I had booths right beside each other so we kept the space between us open and used it to show off our tees! Lots of new prints were made in the weeks leading up to Crafty, some were even conceived just a day or two before.

The weather was perfect all day long, all nice and sunny and breezy. And everyone who came though seemed so happy to be there. It's always fun to see old friends and make new ones, thanks again to everyone who came out to get awesomized! You guys rock. And the organisers, you guys are amazing. Liz, Kim and Sarah, thanks so much for putting on another fabulous show!

My only wish would have been to have some time to walk around and see everything, I didn't get a single break all day long. But other people did, so for more pics from the day, be sure to check out the Crafty Bastards flickr pool!

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