art whino.

Going to the Art Whino opening last month was really refreshing. For once I was at a gallery exhibit where there were so many pieces I wished I could own, and so much to be inspired by. Here are some of my favorites:

Mary Spring on the left, Scott Musgrove on the right,

and Kelly Vivanco.

See more images from the exhibit in Sean's art whino flickr set, and maybe we'll see you at the opening tonight! [Please check the Art Whino site for details!]


iSeL said...

I's so bummed I missed this, but so excited about this place. Will stop by today anyway to check it out. Thanks!

Sean Hennessey said...

i love the bird in the cage piece.

rania said...

Me too! Maybe we should buy it! :)

isel, I hope you made it there! I'm hoping to go back again soon to spend more time drooling at the artwork.

beckie said...

cool. I love the lady and umbrella painting.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Oh, I love the pieces by Kelly Vivanco!!! Off to hunt for more!

Yiannos said...

Does anyone know od any other similar types of galleries in the DC area?