bridges and balloons.

Sketch :: Day 4
Sketch :: Day 4

I've wanted to draw a hot air balloon ever since I visited the Joseph Cornell show at the Smithsonian American History Museum. This was one of my favorite pieces:

[From a slide show on the SAAM web site. More pieces from the are exhibit here.]

I visited the Joseph Cornell show a few weeks after I spent a lot of time in some big galleries in Chelsea. Most of the work I saw in Chelsea was a larger scale than I had ever seen before. Everything seemed soooo big that it made me question small works of art.

But then at the Joseph Cornell show, all of the pieces were so tiny and detailed and intricate. I visited the exhibit three, maybe four times again before it closed, and every time I visited I found something smaller and more intimate to focus on. There I discovered that I was way more drawn to smaller works of art and it made me realise the track I was already moving on was ok. Small is ok.

I'm still drawing away in my sketch book every day, and am already finding that the pen is moving quicker and quicker as I'm filling more pages with drawings. It feels good to finally have a hot air balloon on paper, and lotuses too. I've been wanting to draw them forever.

Here are some more pages of my daily drawings:
Sketch :: Day 5
Sketch :: Day 5

Sketch :: Day 8
Sketch :: Day 8


Victoria said...

Your sketch book illustrations are really beautiful. I love the birds carrying the strings of the hot air balloon. Small works of art are where my heart goes to as well.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore that hot air balloon! How whimsical.

Earmark Social said...

fanfreakingtastic! i love your work and your blog is really wonderful! thank you for sharing!

Nicole Solo said...

looking through someone's sketchbook is so fascinating!

A Blond And A Torch said...

You are so talented!

Even my stick figures are hard to make out.

sewserious said...

Your illustrations are so fantastic. I love the hot air balloon. Great use of inspiration.

I'll be back. :)

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome, and so imaginative.

amy said...

I love your flower and hot air balloon drawings. Please do more of these!! I love hot air balloons. I'd like to take a ride on one, but I am afraid of heights. :(

Cocoa Pod said...

I would love to fly in that balloon.