blue tulips.

Introducing my latest illustrated Moleskine notebook for July, Blue Tulips:
Blue Tulips

....and some of the latest additions to my screenprinted Moleskine series:
Imaginary Friend XLImaginary Friend L
Imaginary Friend on an extra large Moleskine (left) and large Moleskine (right)

Knit Buddies XLNew Roxy!
Knit Buddies (left) extra large Moleskine, and right: new edition Roxy

If you didn't make it to Crafty Bastards this past weekend, here's a peek at what our space looked like from where I was sitting:
Crafty Bastards
Crafty Bastards

Spring was such a busy time, Artomatic came and went, and then Crafty Bastards, and soon it'll be December again. I'm planning to introduce a new notebook each month from now till the end of the year, so check back soon to see how I'm doing. I have a stack of illustrations waiting to be used, and I can't wait to see how those look printed. But I'm going to try and be patient and work on them slowly, one month at a time. And like all the rest, they will be sold individually via my etsy shop.

Blue Tulips


Bee Designs said...

I love your little notebooks, my favourite has to be the sunflowers(but only just, they are all gorgeous) i've recently bought a gocco and not yet plucked up the courage to use it but your designs are so inspiring. Your stand looks great at the show, hope you had fun!

Anonymous said...

I have my eye on a few of these for the holidays and gift giving! They are beautiful.

AngelaMichelle said...

Came across your blog through Etsy. Your notebooks are beautiful! Will definitely keep them in mind for gift ideas, & for myself (can you ever have enough notebooks?)

Unknown said...

Nice display and the name of your blog really cracks me up. :)

saffron said...

Your space looked really great! I love your moleskins!