James Renwick Alliance Award

Knit Together at Artomatic
See the blue ribbon? I won an award!

This past Friday was opening night at Artomatic. As it turns out, there was an award and golden ticket waiting for me in my space. I received a Craft Award of Distinction from the James Renwick Alliance [JRA] for my Knit Together installation.

Knit Together
Knit Together at Artomatic
From the Washington Glass School blog:
The judges were Mrs. Deena Kaplan, long time art supporter and world class craft collector, Mr. John Kotelly, Esq., former President of the JRA and avid craft collector, Dr. Paul and Mrs. Elmirina Parkman, both Past Presidents of the JRA, founding members of the JRA and long time craft collectors, Ms. Judy Weisman, JRA Acquisitions Chair and long time craft collector and consultant.

Thank you to the James Renwick Alliance, I'm so honored to have been recognised and selected for this award.

Knit Together at Artomatic
Visiting Artomatic? You'll find my work on the 9th [top] floor, section 3. The show is open through July 5. Please see web site for hours.

JRA awardees, by craft category, were:
Fiber: Rania Hassan [me!]
Clay: Laurel Lukaszewski
Metal: Michael Sirvet
Glass: Phil Vickery
Wood: James Long
Mixed Media: Eric Celarier


Claudia Olson said...

I saw your exhibit and I would give you the award too! Best thing I saw at Artomatic. Of course I was only able to do 3 floors this go around. Still, I'm a knitter so I greatly appreciated your work!

Anonymous said...

I was at 55 M Street for a BBJ event and saw your display as part of Artomatic and I thought "what a great mixed use concept!" Totally cool and great way of literally thinking outside of the box@

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Your work is AWE inspiring, thanks for sharing

Arty4ever said...

Lenny says it best...
"not only clever, but also visually intriguing and breaks a very difficult three dimensionality aspect that many "painters" try to broach."

You inspire! :)

Christine Lim said...

Hi Rania,
it has been a while since I last "visit" you. I am very happy to see that your art is going well. I just love how you put together your love for knitting and painting. Congrats! Keep the good stuff coming. Keep in touch,