cat pad of the yesterday.

I've got a huge box in my living room...its the tent! I wanted to pull it out of the box, but its way to heavy, so I only managed to get the carrying case out. What is it about boxes and new stuff that makes cats fall in love?

Well, that was yesterday. This morning, they're determined to chew on my knitting needles and sit on my yarn. Alright, I admit catnip is in my knitting bag, so I'm sure my needles and yarn smell great. More on this project later!

I've been roaming the city looking for frames, finally found some I liked, so now I'm stocking up! Next stop, online, I need to get some shopping bags!

Man, getting ready for these art/craft shows is hard work!


Washington Cube said...

That's because cat's rule the roost and anything new brought into their environment has to be laid siege to and claimed as their own. A little kitty spittle and head rubbing on said item, and the deed is done. Your photograph reaffirms my personal belief that cats are incapable of taking a bad photograph--they have no bad "sides."

Roz Foster said...

Hey, Rania-- I've been out of town for a while, so I'm having a blast catching up this AM. That is one sweet black kittie. I love your new logo - and I enjoyed perusing the photos from your trip to Lebanon. The beach looks horrific. Zena's tales from Beirut are difficult to read. They really bring Beirut into focus, though. Reading the news makes it all seem so distant. Thanks for the link.

Sean Hennessey said...

why is the cute cat in the background?

Stef said...

I am still amazed by how much your kitties look like my kitty.

And you and SA are hilarious fighting over which cat is cuter. The answer is obvious - they both are!