my cat growls at ups*

Another big DC arts event coming this fall: Artomatic! Dates/location will be announced soon!

My brain has been overloaded with all the different details of participating in art fairs. In the past week I've ordered a tent, bought a table, some chairs, some packaging material samples, and figured out my display strategy. My whole life has become an art to-do list!

Here is a middle-of-the-night peek at a corner of my table:

I plan to cover the table with some of Ikea's awesome new fabric. I'm thinking pistachio green on the bottom, and some brown/neutral linen on top.

Some web sites that helped in my art fair display decisions:
:: Make It has awesome tips on setting up at shows.
:: Craftster has a whole section on art/craft fairs.
:: The Art Show Photography yahoo group is a very active forum with a ton of info on displays.

*I've mentioned this to friends before, but today I can confirm that its absolutely true. My little Sword Juggling Veela Bianca growls at the UPS truck. She growls from the middle of the room, far from the door or window where she can actually see the UPS guy. She keeps at it till the truck drives away. I wonder if there are cats in the truck? Oh my, what if UPS is a cover-up for a cat snatching operation!


Regina said...

So exciting! You will do awesome at the art fair!

flossy-p said...

That's so COOL! I'm so jealous, we never have anything like this here I am. Never! And American blog-land seems to be in constant song about art and craft fairs. I'm sooooooo jealous! Your stall will be amazing!

Anonymous said...

i love your girls on wood. will you be selling them at Crafty Bastards? They are lovely.

tina the seamonster

Laini Taylor said...

OOh, yay, thanks for the sneak peek of the new pieces (I like the look of the nearest one in the top picture...)! And that's so funny about your cat. One of our dogs HATES delivery trucks and he can totally tell the sound of the engine -- only UPS and Fedex get him worked up, not the garbage truck or moving trucks or anything. He's the idiot savante of recognizing truck engines!

Anonymous said...

ohh ohh everything looks wonderful!!!! i am so happy for you! best wishes on your show!!! i am sure you will do wonderful!

Anonymous said...

It's looking great! Sending you many good wishes for the show. I wish I could be there. I hope that you plan on sharing photos!

Annika Sandin said...

The paintings looks great!