Thats when my house was born. 111 years ago. SA and I bought this house three years ago. Three seems so little compared to 111.

Here are some pics of the original tile in our foyer:

Yep, the tile is 111 years old. Thats pretty crazy old.

In art news, looks like artomatic won't happen this fall as planned, so they're now searching new sites for a 2007 show. Good luck!


Rosa said...

It's gorgeous! That green is beautiful in all the shades!! Wow.

Jaci Clark said...

Beautiful! Gotta love those old houses. We lived in a row house in Cleveland Park that was built it 1902.

Sean Hennessey said...

hey! thats my house!

rania said...

yes, i love my (oops...sorry SA..*our*) old house. SA painted the living room to match one of those chartreusey-lime greens in the tiles.

avocadoinparadise said...

That's beautiful. Congratulations on the lovely old house.

If I had my way the whole country would be full of houses that old. They did great things back then & people in all other parts of the country just seem intent on destroying it!