spiders + chocolate pudding.

A few months ago flossy-p wrote about an awesome dream she had, and that was the beginning of our creative swap! I made her a painted illustration of the dream, and she made me the most fabulous little bag in the world. Flossy-p just got her package from me, so here is the final illustration:

spiders + chocolate pudding, watercolor and ink on arches 140lb hot press paper, 10"x7"

This is the first time I made a larger painted version of my characters. I mostly do them really tiny. Here are two previous stages of the illustration to give a better sense of how I build up colors/lines:

Almost final :: More color was added to the character, you can mostly see it in her hair.

The beginning :: I really liked the sky in this, but wanted the overall look to be darker so I kept working on it.

Now please, go take a look at the pictures and read about the most fabulous little bag in the world. Those who know me well know that I always have a little bag strapped around me. always. baggage for baggage. just for the essentials: keys, wallet, cell phone, and tiny sketch book of course!


flossy-p said...

...she forgot to mention that I absolutely LOVE it!

It's perfect, the drak moody colours, dreamlike texture, quirky details (like the spider in her hair and a few more casting webs on her dress), but the coolest coincidence is that she looks just like me! (almost)

thank-you again!

Anonymous said...

so how many favorites can i have???? she is the cutest thing around!!!!!!! i love this illustration!!!! aww, if i have a girl, i am gonna have to buy one :D

islandarts said...

Love that you showed you painting in progress... It's divine- I love your illustration style!!
Thanks to Flossy-p for pointing me in your direction!!

Regina said...

I absolutely love this! Flossy-p is so lucky- how incredibly nice of you!

I really enjoyed seeing the process- the layering of color- Fabulous!