I like Baltimore.

Last weekend Sean and I went back to Baltimore. We were 2 of the 70,000 people that made it out to watch our crazy friends launch a giant beehive into the harbour at Flugtag. Fun!

Next stop was Fells Point for some of the best pizza. We decided to walk around and check out the shops and found a Canadian ship parked in the harbour: the HMCS Toronto, a frigate, which is now my new favorite word.

On Sunday we took a little walk through the National Arboretum. This photo was taken in the Asian Garden on the way down to the Anacostia river. Sean posted a great picture of the Anacostia here

Oh, and last night we went to the 930 club to see the Decemberists. I love them. We had an awesome time. The couple we stood next to came up from North Carolina to see the show, and they're going to see them tonight as well. I wanted to do that too, hee.

Tomorrow night there is going to be a huge Art Opening and Halloween party at City Hall, and everyone is invited! If you live in the area, please come! The city bought artwork including two of Sean's sculptures. Check out the details here. Yay, Halloween!


Lolly said...

LOVE your pics, R! and guess what? I am seeing the Decemberists tonight! :) Wanna reconsider? I am sure there are some scalpers out front!

rania said...

Ah! Don't tempt me! I would love...Have fun, Lolly!

Next time they come through I'm totally going both nights, even if Sean looks at me like I'm crazy! I actually bought last nights tickets on August 1st. Almost three months ago. Now thats crazy.