silent action.

Knit IX detail. mixed media. 14" x 11"

I recently donated this piece to the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop Arts Ball & Silent Auction which is set to take place on November 3nd.

Thank you Pixie Purls for featuring my knit paintings in your latest podcast! Yes, some of my knit paintings are still available for sale in my shop.

Here are some photos I took from the roof of my house! It was scary climbing up there and but also very cool to be able to look out and see the capitol building, washington monument, and just all the crazy rooftops. I got to see the turrets and parapets up close, and now I get to use both of those awesome words in a sentence.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff! And now that I have high-speed, your page and images load up so much faster! :-)

amisha said...

i love those roof pictures! thanks for the turret and parapet education :) how old is your neighborhood? i was so curious to see what the houses looked like from street level too.

rania said...

Yay for high-speed!

The house I live on was built in 1895, and most of the neighborhood was built around that time. This link has a brief history of bloomingdale: http://www.bloomingdaledc.org/briefbloomi.htm
Our house is a victorian and our block has a bunch of those mixed in with some federal styles as well.

Roz Foster said...

Hey, Rania-- Nice photos! The rooftops in DC are very unique. What architectural style is that?

The women in your knit paintings are so much the opposite of your big-eyed characters.

Did you know that in Japan there is a faceless mythological creature called a "noppera-bo"? They're sort of demonic creatures that want to scare people. They appear in the likeness of a familiar person and then make their facial features vanish. Boohoohaahhaha!! (Hey, it's *almost* Halloween.)

Your faceless women actually aren't frightening at all. They're rather soothing--neutral in identity. You can project anyone into their faces.

Reya Mellicker said...

Cool turrets and parapets! And of course I always love seeing your paintings and drawings, too. I have yet to visit your on-line shop but the holidaze are coming ... time to check it out.

Have you and Sean seen the six foot paintings at the Nat Gallery yet? Astonishing! I'd love to go look at them with you two ... it's too late for margaritas this seasons, isn't it? Or ... something??