The treasury I assembled last night
suddenly appeared on the Etsy front page!

Here is what it looked like:
Etsy Front Page
I had just enough time to get a screenshot...

...and then seconds later, the item on the top left sold.

I loved that poster:

Designed by Francesca Montanari [ratmusque on etsy]

Lesson learned.

You win some, you lose some,
The front page is powerful,
...and next time I like something that much, it's mine.


Brandy said...

That's awesome that your treasury was on the front page!!!

Read It Again said...

well it certainly deserved to be on the first page!! those pieces are amazing.

Anonymous said...

A great collection - congrats on being 'hot' ;)

Lana said...

Very nice site. Check out my knitted stuff at www.knitnst.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Thats a tough lesson to have to learn. I found you through the etsy blog thread.

rania said...

Francesca posted another one for me in her shop, so I ended up getting one, yay!