The first week I had these I kept them all to myself, with a few extras in my pocket to give away to friends.

Last Friday Sean and I set up a little table in our room at artomatic where we sold some of our small works. That's where my buttons made their official debut. My first customers were about 4 and 5 years old and tried to convince their parents to buy them one of each.

Soon I'll be heading over to the Rock'n'Roll Hotel on H Street to participate in the Big Art Show, and tomorrow I'll be set up at the Marketplace at Artomatic. The Marketplace will be located at the Emerald Cafe on the 8th Floor and feature 30 local vendors.

Artomatic runs through May 20th, come to the Marketplace tomorrow and check it out!

PS :: Apologies to any unanswered e.mails and comments, I'll be in touch with you this week!
PPS :: The buttons have been added to my shop!


Stef said...

OMG, I love those buttons! Still have a few in your pocket? :-)

iSew said...

Those are really cute. I covetted mine when I first got them too. haha

Anonymous said...

Oooh, they look fabulous as buttons! I love my little stickers =)

catbishop said...

Looks like you are way busy for this kind of nonsense but sorry, you've been tagged...

see my blog for the rules girly.


Rach said...

Love the buttons and your blog. By the way Tag. Check out my blog for the rules.

Melissa said...

Those are sweet little buttons.
I just saw your knit art for the first time, it's really amazing. They actually relax me to look at them. I think the perfect sewing/knitting studio for me would have one of those on the wall! :)