hello baltimore.

I'll be setting up my little shop at the Squidfire Spring Art Mart today! Mount Vernon Square Park, from 11-7pm. If you're in Baltimore {or nearby} please stop by and say hi!

And tomorrow, Sean and I will be setting up at the Marketplace at Artomatic on the 8th Floor, from 3-8pm. Artomatic is in Crystal City, and the whole big show will be up for only 8 more days!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rania -

BTW, this is just to let you know that you've been 'tagged'. It's a game going around the art blogs (if you want to play). Just list seven things about yourself, seven bloggers whose sites you visit, and let'em know about it. I normally wouldn't play but it's been fun finding new art blogs.

Click back thru to see the rules and learn odd facts about other artist folk.


Stephanie said...

how was the market?