one for each pocket.

Introducing the latest addition to the goshdarnknit line: pocket mirrors! Guaranteed to make your pockets at least 60% more fabulous.

Six different designs to choose from, that means one for every pocket.

I actually wasn't planning on getting mirrors made until Kate snuck one into my buttons order. And I was hooked. And these little mirrors are the most perfect size. She seriously makes the best. buttons. ever. And now I'm slowly adding the different designs to my shop. I like to share.

This coming Saturday, Sean and I will setting up at the Ballston Arts Market. You know the drill, stop by & say hi!

Thank you to the Crafy Bastards Blog for including me on your write up of the market! Did you know they have a blog now? Yes yes, go read it.


Ashabee said...

Oh those are sooo cute! **runs to your etsy shop**

Anonymous said...

i love love love the pocket mirrors!

Caroline Armijo said...

I love your work! I would love to feature you in the upcoming issue of MerriMail. Can you please email me with your contact information so that I can set up an interview?

Best, Caroline Armijo

mushroommeadows said...

I like the one with the cherry tree growing out of her mouth! Brilliant!