7 things.

:: 1 :: I don't own a TV, and haven't for about 6 years now.

:: 2 :: So that means I watch a lot of youtube and netflix movies on the computer, and I listen to a lot of NPR. A lot. And some days I mix up stories and events and it makes for a lot of internet searching to find out if said stories really happened.

:: 3 :: Thank you to everyone who forwarded presale info to me, but I didn't end up buying tickets to the upcoming Decemberists concert. I'm a little upset they're playing such a big venue and that the tickets are so expensive. At their Strathmore show last month we had the best seats ever. But I'd rather watch then standing. Come back to the 930 club again, pretty please?

:: 4 :: I would love to see Neko Case live. That would make me very happy. And Cat Power as well.

:: 5 :: Despite circulating rumors, I'm not a doll person at all, but I have to say that artandghosts' work intrigues me. I want to visit her worlds.

:: 6 :: A few months ago I got myself a teeny tiny blackberry, and yes, I am totally obsessed with it.

::7 :: And finally, I know who's bringing the gocco back, but I'm not telling!

I was tagged by Samantha, Jenn, and Cat Bishop. Since three people tagged me, and three times seven equals anyone on the internets reading this now, consider yourself tagged!

But before you go, check out this how-to-screenprint-your-own-tees and-add-glowing-red-eyes by Make: that featuring Matt Stinchcomb of etsy {and also one of the founding members of the French Kicks}. Awesome.

Makes me wish I had that knowledge when I was little. Fashion plates wih red eyes would have been so hot.

But maybe not so hot on these guys:


Anonymous said...

Wait, the gocco is coming back? Please reveal all!!

becca.elpy said...

So am I tagged because I read this?

Anonymous said...

no tv?! would love a blackberry, would love a gocco, no tv?!

Unknown said...

Those sculptures are fun!