more moleskine.

Here are some of my latest illustrated Moleskine notebooks:

Knit Buddies & Ghost Writer:
Ghost Writer Moleskine CahierKnit Buddies
Runaway & Imaginary Friend:
RunawayImaginary Friend Moleskine Cahier
Benjamin's Bubbles:
Benjamin's BubblesBenjamin's Bubble Moleskine Cahier
Sunflowers on KraftSunflowers on Black
Shadow Pods:

Shadow PodsShadow Pods
Each one is a lovely, hand printed original on a Moleskine Cahier Journal. I print them one by one, layer by layer, in small batches at a time on both plain and ruled Moleskine Cahiers. And then post them to my Etsy shop. Recently I also started printing on squared Moleskine cahiers, and soon, very soon, I'll be introducing new sizes as well!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your designs! I'm bookmarking your etsy pages to send on my holiday wish list- ha!

madelyn said...

I adore your unique and
vivid designs ~ I shall have to
visit your shop and buy some
as they are so fabulous!

Catherine Marche said...

They are very beautiful.
Wishing you Lots of success!

mellowbeing said...

I purchased a Shadow Pods notebook in tan at the Bust Craftacular. It's so pretty that I haven't had the guts to write in it yet! Beautiful work :)

igotmoxie said...

happy new year lady! i miss you!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Those are so beautiful!

Nichole said...

These are so unique...love them!