countdown to crafty bastards.

Saturday is Crafty Bastards, the most fantastical day of the year. It'll be my 8th time participating! This year is very special, as not only am I participating as a vendor, I also helped curate the show as a judge!

My whole house is pretty much an art studio, and over the past few weeks there's been art making going on in almost every room and it's the most amazing thing ever. So what does the weekend before Crafty Bastards look like? Let me break it down into two parts of what I do: Painting and Printmaking.

My Painting Studio: My assistant and I hung out here the whole weekend, painting away for @CraftyBastards. Loved every second!
A lot of magic happened in here this weekend. As usual, one week before is the perfect time to come up with a whole new direction for artwork! But first, on Friday I snuck out and got my already short hair trimmed even shorter. My short cut got a quick cut, the red is almost all out! One cut away from being all brown again, yay.
Then I dove into painting all day. On Saturday, while my canvases were drying, I printed up a storm in...

My Printmaking Studio: This afternoon I acquired an assistant in my printmaking studio. This is where I screenprint all of my notebooks by hand. I printed four whole layers that day. That's a crazy amount! By the end of the day, every part of me was aching. But there were so many pretty notebooks on the drying rack! Some complete, some left to dry for more layers. Here is one of my newest drawings, forever gocco printed on the cover of a notebook. Still not sure what to title this one. Sometimes that's the hardest part! New Moleskine notebook fresh off the press for @CraftyBastards. This drawing still needs a title! Crafty Bastards is this Saturday, November 10, from 10am-5pm at Union Market in DC. My super talented husband Sean Hennessey and I will be set up side by side, booths 108 and 109.

*While cats figure heavily in this post, this is just one cat, and she's just posing for the camera. As soon as work starts, she's done!

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