printing up a storm.

Bag full of burnt gocco bulbs, all victims of a hurricane day of printmaking. During Hurricane Sandy, the time I didn't spend looking at this wind map, or fretting over what was happening outside and in far away places, I was in my printmaking studio late into the night of howling wind, printing up a storm. In some cases, very literally a storm. So many gocco screens were burned, the photo above shows just some of the bulbs that fell victim to my printing frenzy.
I drew this lighthouse a week after a trip to Chincoteague this past summer over pony week. The walk to the top of the lighthouse was one of my most favorite parts of the visit. When we reached the top, in the far away distance we could see the ponies swimming.
Printing up a storm! A peek at the 1st layers of two new Moleskine designs for @craftybastardsOn the gocco press late into the night of howling wind, layer 1 of a new design.
Keeping calm and printing on. Fresh on the press for #CraftyBastards.
All of the artwork I screenprint onto the covers of Moleskine notebooks come from pages of my own notebooks. What a coincidence that I'd selected my drawings of crazy weather, underwater adventures, and then end up printing them during the worst storm ever.

Crafty Bastards is this Saturday, November 10, from 10am-5pm at Union Market in DC. My super talented husband Sean Hennessey and I will be set up side by side, booths 108 and 109. Special 2-for-1 tickets are still available here. I hope to see you there!

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