gocco fun.

Here are two layers I made during yesterday's gocco play date. The one on the left was drawn with carbon pencils and the one on the right was made with carbon ink and a brush:

Tonight I'll be doing a first test print of the one on the right. The carbon ink layer made the cleanest lines when the screen was burned, so I'm looking foward to seeing the printed outcome.

I've decided to add a third layer because I'm not entirely happy with the way the colors inside the kitty 'frames' bleed onto the background. Also, I'd like the pattern of the faux painted wall background to be a different color than the paper. Oh, and I filled in the frames. So here is the design for the new screen to be burned:

I scanned in all the layers and fiddled with colors, and below is what I'd love it to end up as (note: background is the gocco test print from last night):

Indirectly this piece is inspired by the house in The Royal Tenenbaums. I really liked how every inch of wall space in most rooms was covered by artwork, and there always seemed to be patterns on the walls. Oh, and mice too!

In other news, I haven't had a chance to work on Illustration Friday yet. Theme is 'song.' I have some ideas, hope to have something up by Tuesday!


igotmoxie said...

so cute!!!
thanks for helping me make my first gocco (tm)


Stef said...

I love the kitties! And I totally see the Royal Tenenbaums reference.

rania said...

you're welcome beth! thanks stef!

I printed layer number 2 today. Hooray for Presidents day! The final print should be up in the next few days...