Meet my stash.

Its my one year knitting anniversary! In celebration, I decided it was time to go through my stash and figure out what I had, what projects I wanted to work on next, and decide on what I wanted from the sunday morning super bowl sale at stitchdc.

All my yarn is neatly stored in four plastic cases. Every once in a while, I like to rearrange my stash. Sometimes by color, sometimes by yarn style. Sometimes just cause they look pretty together.

Today's sale was from 11-12 but it took 2 hours of waiting in line! argh! But it was all worth it. Oh, I should also mention that on Friday I did a clandestine walk-through of the shop to scope out what my options were. Want to take a peek at my latest acquisitions? My favorite purchase was the one I almost put back: the grey super chunky blue sky alpaca in the top left corner. truly scrumptious.

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Anonymous said...

Nice stash! Mine is scattered throughout the house and I have only recently tried to get a handle on it and put it one place. So far, not possible. I'm also indecisive. Some are in a nice clear plastic bin, some are in a lovely anit-moth zippered case.