knit signing.

Here is some new work in progress:

I like how my ladies look before the knitting is sewn in. The way their fingers are positioned looks like they're trying to tell us something. But what?

:: update : i just posted pictures of my lateset Beirut exhibit at this link! thanks for visiting! ::

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Reya Mellicker said...

Cool! They look like they're meditating, praying, or perhaps forming an energy ball of Reiki between their hands. I'm guesing knitting is like all of the above.

Thanks for posting the before pics. Yes, knitting sign language, yes, yes!

Trixie said...

I love the top one especially. Blue and green are my favorite colors. I adore the way you link generations of women through knitting. Great blog!

Trixie said...

Will you be selling these after your exhibit???? (keeping fingers crossed).

wenders said...

Do you do commission work? I adore the knitting ladies and would love to have a pair for my mother.

rania said...


Yes! I can make commissioned versions of these paintings...please e.mail me if you're interested. My e.mail is: darnknit at gmail dot com