Illustration Friday: Dance

I'm barely making this post in time, just landed in Beirut a few nights ago and its been busy busy busy! Two illustrations for today! Here they are:

Meet Harvey. Harvey was a little mouse. Unfortunately, Harvey didn't live to a ripe old age. Why? Well, his favorite thing to do was sneak up on little girls, then look up their skirts as they danced in the air. Yes, Harvey was cute, but not very bright.

Hope you soon get Mr. Harvey and his family out of your house, Heather!

Meet Ramone. Ramone didn't find humor in many things. He walked around with a very very straight face. One of the only things he found enjoyable was to sit on the sidewalk and watch the tall ladies in thin high heels walked by. What could be funny about that? Every once in a while, a heel would get caught in the sidewalk grate and he would closely watch the little dance they did to pull their heels out. That made him laugh every time.

Harvey and Ramone were painted in watercolor on
2.75"x3.75" amalfi cotton rag paper.

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carla said...

You have the best stories to tell about the best characters! I love both the paintings and the words:>

Queen Tut said...

Yes, I loved the story too and I had a good chuckle. The top ne really tickled my fancy.

flossy-p said...

You're across the world and still managing to paint, come up with cute amusing stories and blog?!!! I declare you deserve a trophy for dedication!

Heather said...

I love it! fabulous. The face...boy that was deja vu! :)

very true to life! _ I have to show Pixie when she gets home...she'll love it!

RIP Harvey...but his memory has been immortalized in your lovely work

Willie Baronet said...

Ok, I resent the comments about Ramone, though I do like to watch the tall high heels. :-) Like your drawings.

anne said...

Sweet illustrations, and the stories are very entertaining. =)

Roz Foster said...

These are great, Rania. Is that a big lecherous grin on Mr. Harvey's face? Ha! Such dedication you have--blogging in Beirut. Have you got a digital cam with you out there? Show us the place! What's it like?

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these illos, ESPECIALLY the one with Harvey!

Christine Lim said...

Well done! You still managed to posts some excellent illos despite being busy! Love them. The first one is absolute cracking! ;)