my wall of yarn square.

Another project I finished and mailed away last week was my square for the wall of yarn exhibit at nectar gallery in Australia. Another completed project! hooray!

Before felting, the original knit square was huge. It was knit on some super clunky, super stumpy, size 17 needles with Araucania nature wool. Once complete, I felted it down to the 15cm x 15cm size it is now. The stitch used was the cluster 5 from the daisy scarf I made earlier this year. After felting its really hard to tell what stitch it is, but its nice and airy, and I like that!

One of the requirements was to embellish the square in some way. I knit a bobble with some tencel/wool yarn and used that to attach one of my painted kitty tags to the square.


flossy-p said...

Oh so bitter sweet that I chose to go to Adelaide on the 15th instead of Melbourne - damn.

Reya Mellicker said...

It's beautiful. I love the wrapping paper, too. Funny to think of it making its way to wintery Australia!

Anonymous said...

Very cool ... I will have to try that!