growing daisy and stash.

I'm halfway through Daisy: finished the first ball of yarn, started the second, made the two edges, and am going to knit until the second ball is through. This will end up being the first project I block. crazy! I'll be following Becky's directions on fluffa! very carefully.

In other news, my stash is growing. I got some Cherry Tree Hill potluck bulky in purples and oranges. mmmm. 1,200 yards of it. mmmm. I'm thinking of making some more felted kitty beds, and maybe a hat or two or three as well. Also got some Cherry Tree Hill Merino Boucle which I'm not sure how I'll use yet. I know, yarn diet till sheep and wool, but it was smiling at me. And, its my birthday!

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rania said...

Update: The yarn is a lot more orange than the photo shows...theres no pink at all! And the chair in the background is more green than yellow.

Stef said...

I hope you had a super-fantastic birthday! Let me know what you thought of Arty Gras. I want to check it out.

More kitty beds, eh? :-)

rania said...

Arty Gras was super fun! They had a live jazz band playing, and the artwork was really great! My friend b. put it on. You'll meet her someday.... Thanks for the birthday wishes!

apple-green ink said...

Hey Shoofly your blog is kickin'.
I'm really enjoying it while I'm at home these days. Cool new yarn. Also- the felting looks great- worth the wait!!