Three days to go...

...till Adams Morgan Day! Hope to see you there!

Here is my latest set of paintings *updated with more acurately colored pics!*:

Knit XIII. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit XIV. mixed media. 14" x 11"

Knit XII. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit IX. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

Knit XI. mixed media. 14" x 11" [SOLD]

I'll have 5 more to post in the next day or two!

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:: imagining ouselves.


Anonymous said...

I love these mixed paintings you do they are wonderful!

robiewankenobie said...

wow. these are ten kinds of awesome. and a half.

MsMolly said...

These are fantastic. I've subscribed to your Etsy store's RSS feed so I can know when you put these on sale.

rania said...

thanks, everyone!

ms molly, i plan on posting some of these paintings to my etsy store in the next day/two!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog through Flossy-p, and I absolutely love all your paintings! These knitting ones are so beautiful - what an inspiration!

createacraft said...

it is baeutiful.. I love them.. how imaginative you were..

Pixiepurls said...

How much is Knit XI ?

JustApril said...

Those are SO cool, what a unique concept!

Anonymous said...

Hvad er pris på det sidste billed af damer der strikker ink Porto til Danmark hilsen Irene