Imagining Ourselves.

I've been invited to participate in a group show in Beirut this summer! The exhibit is part of the Imagining Ourselves Project, co-sponsored by the International Museum of Women, San Francisco. Today is International Woman's Day, and also the launch of the worldwide project.

"Shu Tabkha Ya Mara?" (What's Cookin' Woman?) is the title of the show I will be a part of, and it will be featured online as well.


I found this in a book on women. Why don't people run like this any more? Lady in the illustration is clearly very happy.


Leaver said...

I have a stamp of this lady somewhere... and it's true - she is quite happy.

I might run out to my car in this fashion later.

Chai said...

i may run to the grocery store like that too. :)

thanks for pointing out the imagining ourselves project and coming to my blog.

Anonymous said...

wow, that is sooo awesome!!! congrats!!!!!!!! i bet people dont run like this cuz after awhile the big toe would start hurting... not to mention, the fear of tripping over something--- hee hee!!!! oh my gosh, try that being pregnant!!!

again, congrats congrats!!!

flossy-p said...

What do you mean people don't run like this anymore?!!! I run like this all the time. (joking, although I kinda wish I wasn't)

Congratulations btw.

fin said...

running like that is painful!

rania said...

My take on her running style is that its the first day of spring and she's trying to take in every breath of fresh air possible. She really wants people to know she feels awesome. In an over the top sorta way.

Or, shes in a really sketchy neighborhood and doesn't want the crazies on the corner to mess with her!

I like that her running style is so over the top that I wouldn't even put one of my crazy characters in that position!

On a more serious note, try running that way without smiling! You know thats not possible!