Roxy's Tattoo. A One Page Tale.

Meet Roxy's Tattoo, A One Page Tale gocco print:

Roxy's Tattoo, A One Page Tale. Painted Gocco Print. 11"x8.5" 2006

I recently got a B5 Print Gocco. Printable area: 6.5"x9". For my first project, I turned my illustration of Roxy into a One Page Tale print! It came out to be a series of 25 prints, on many different types of paper. Now I'm working on handpainting them all.

And yes, I set up an Etsy store of my work! So far it has a few Kitty Misfits prints, and some of Roxy and her One Page Tale. Will let you know as I add more.

Happy first day of spring!


Anonymous said...

I love how you did the hair! You do such amazing work.

Sean Hennessey said...

very cool stuff!

WCTs said...

Very cute. Roxy look like she is ready to snooze!

Reya Mellicker said...

I do love the hair on every one of your characters. They are ensouled. I couldn't read the tale of Roxy, though. I'll check on etsy ... I want to know more about her.

rania said...

thank you! i do have a fun time drawing in curly crazy hair.

reya, thanks for pointing that out...I've updated the post with links to previous posts where I talked about Roxy, and the kitty misfits too!