kite watcher.

This past weekend I went to a friend's baby shower and made this little swaddled baby tag for her present:

Other fun this weekend was walking around the tidal basin and admiring the cherry blossoms just as they were getting ready to burst. Saturday was also the Smithsonian Kite Festival so there were all sorts of kites playing up in the sky: round kites, tiny kites, boxy kites, and even pirate ship kites! My favorite was a long string of tiny kites that looked like fans because of the tassels hanging off them. It made really pretty patterns in the sky.

Sean, the most fabulous artist, wrote a really great review of the Hiroshi Sugimoto photography exhibit we saw at the Hirshhorn. I almost forgot about that!

Art Monday was cancelled last night, so I had some extra time to focus on some of my own artwork. Here is a little peek at some of my current work in progress:

I've also made some more prints which I hope to post later this week!


Anonymous said...

your current work is BEAUTIFUL! OH MY GOSH!!! THIS IS MUSEUM-ESQUE WORK! and the kite festival sounds so neat! the baby tag is really cute too!

Anonymous said...

I love your style, very fun. And your knitting piece is really pretty. :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Knitting AND painting? Wow!! How big is this?

I saw a couple of your paintings today, plus the infamous felted seat cover and cat bed, in the flesh or however you say it. You are SO talented!

rania said...

Thanks Ellia, magpie and reya!

More details about the painting/knitting work in progress:

Size:: Final size will be 14"x11"

Each portrait is on stretched canvas, 5"x7", and will be mounted on to the stretched canvas in the background, 14"x11". The canvas in the background is just white, but I will be painting it. The knitting will be stitched into the canvas so the loose bits flying around won't show. My initial idea was to have the knitwork on needles, but instead I painted the needles in.

Reya, glad you got to see some of my work today! I wish I was there, maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

I love those paintings! Impressive. And how did you make the tag?

I was watching the kites for awhile this weekend too. I decided my favorites were the sea creature ones because the wind kind of made them look like they were floating in water.

rania said...

thanks miss priss knits and janet!

The tag was made on 2.75"x3.75" amalfi cotton rag paper (the same paper I use for a lot of my illustrations). I like this paper a lot because a: its tiny, and b: each tiny piece is made on its own screen. I fondly think of this as my special paper.

Yes, the sea creature ones were pretty cool! There was a huge (huge!) fish right by the washington monument that was really fun to watch.