where i've been, and where i'm going...

Metro Dreamers. 7" x 10 1/4". mixed media. 2005

I made this painting about a year ago. It was started at the beach, and then continued in my studio from photos I had taken. This was my first attempt at mixing watercolor and ink.

Here is a painting from 5 years ago, of a similar theme:

Metro Riders II. 24" x 20". oil on canvas. 2001

Previously, all of my artwork was made in reference to photos or real life details. My more recent work has been mostly from my head, where I get to make it all up. And now I do everything in watercolor and ink when I get the chance.

Recently I have spent a lot of time thinking about my art: where it was, where its going, and where I am now. I'm moving on to a new series where I will be combining some of the many things I love to do. Having spent the past few months working mostly from my head, I'm interested in seeing what shape my artwork will take. And of course, I'll post the progress here.


kob said...

I love the color and balance in these particular works; but what took me was the mood .. alientated, thoughtful, interesting.

segedy said...

I feel I should reiterate that we would love to buy one of your pieces, if you're still interested. I've always liked Metro Riders, your Self Portrait, and Coffee Mugs. Just say the word... ;)

rania said...

Thanks, kob! Riding the metro makes me think about how there are so many people in such a tight space, keeping to themselves, with their minds off someplace else. Now I'm working with a new subject, but am hoping to keep the mood going in my new artwork.

Click here to go to my website of paintings. Last updated 2003. yikes!

segedy, thanks for the reminder! Yes, I'm interested - I owe you an e.mail!

Reya Mellicker said...

Watercolor and ink? You are brave. These are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hey! i wanna buy metro dreamers and I've always wanted to buy metro riders II?

will you hook your brother up with a special price? :)

Chai said...

i really love these paintings. are you selling them some place?


rania said...

Thanks Reya, ram.z and chai!

ram.z, no pocky for kitty!

Chai, the only place I'm showing at the moment is here (and on the website I mentioned above)! If you're interested in buying my work, please let me know which ones you're thinking about and I can send you prices.

my e.mail is:
darnknit AT gmail DOT com