gocco bulbs are hot.

Great Minds Think Alike

Here is one of my favorite works of Sean Hennessey. Why? Well, he's found an awesome use for gocco flash bulbs in his artwork. And now that they are going extinct, what a great way to turn them into relics and preserve them!

The above photo was taken when it was hung in the dining room, but he recently set up a studio at the Washington Glass School, so he hangs most of his work there. Click here to see some pics of his artwork in the new space.

As for me, I'm slowly setting up a corner in his new studio. I have painted more One Page Tale gocco prints and hope to upload them to etsy in the next week or so. I might even add an original Macy gocco print as well. Oh, and I have been knitting away on my silk chevron-ish scarf. Here is a pic of where I was before my trip to New Hope:

In other news, since Mothers Day is fast approaching, I've moved almost all of my potted plants from the front stoop of the house to the back yard. I'd like to avoid any chance than one of them might be "borrowed" and given out as a gift. But now I'm thinking it might be an easier getaway via the alley. Ah, the joys of city living.


Anonymous said...

Neat sculpture! It makes me think that I don't even remember the last time I saw a flashbulb on a camera. I think it was when I was four or five; my grandmother had them and I used to keep the flashbulbs. Too bad I don't have them now; cool sculpture, you know :-)

Anonymous said...

i really love your color palettes when you knit!

Anonymous said...

Just as a side note, if you looking for those elusive gocco bulbs, i know that they have them in stock at Gocco Press !

Matt Baird said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog thanks for sharing