stash enhancement festival.

I left the house with this one big bag and my last words to SA:
"I will not buy anything more than fits in this bag."
His last words: "Why? this only happens once a year!"

Why? Ha, perfect answer! But seriously, the fun at Sheep & Wool can get outta hand, so I like to start out with some sort of limits.

Apple-green ink, ToothlessByte and I headed out extra early on Saturday morning hoping that we might have some chance of fondling the Koigu at the Koigu shop. Unfortunately, 9am, opening time, was a little too late to peek at the Koigu. I did manage to find some at another shop, but why did they up the price? Most places with a good selection of colors were charging $12 a piece! But yes, I bought some anyways!

Please meet my new stash:

Koigu (middle), two different batches of silk/mohair (left), some dark mohair (top), and some alpaca (right).

The Wild 'n' Woolly Farm stand had some really fun samples of knitting done using locks alone, without spinning, so I picked a bunch of colors out and plan on mixing them in with my knitwork. Hmm...maybe I'll give that a try for the Wall of Yarn exhibition project I signed up for? Maybe...

My new strategy this year was to get more than just one skein of whatever I fell in love with, and all in all, I'm quite pleased with what I got. Oh, and I did score with some Bryspun circular needles. After I left that was the one thing I wish I got more of.

I did spot some other bloggers, but never had the chance to bump into them again. Ah well, theres always next year!

Sheep are cute, alpacas are fascinating (especially the shaggy-dreadlock type), but kitties are cuter:

Meet Pinky and The Brain, Elliot, and Elton. My friend rescued them from her alley....they're all adorable, all adopted, and last night I got to play with them. Good thing I'm at my cat limit (2) and they're all claimed!

Tonight I voluneered at the DCAC Cuisine des Artistes event. Were you there? Oh my, that was my first visit to the O St Mansion. What a fabulous place!


Reya Mellicker said...

I have so many friends (blog and non-blog) who LOVE the sheep and wool festival. Maybe by next year I'll be interested in going. I Love the pics of your stash boxes, the first one everything is nicely spun and wound, the next one is not as processed, the third ... awww ... kittens! But it's still fur you're showing us. Did you do that on purpose?

One of my clients is an alpaca reproduction specialist, a matchmaker for alpacas, you might say. She understands animals like no one I've ever met. After the hookup, she helps with the births. Sometimes she comes in and says things like, "my shoulder is killing me. I had to reach up there and turn a breach baby." Can you imagine?

rania said...

Reya, the festival is a lot of fun and really huge! I met up with friends there who spent the whole morning watching the events that take place...I always feel too mesmerised by the yarn to focus my attention on anything else. Next year you should totally check it out if you're in town!

I didn't make the kitty-fur connection consciously... thanks for pointing it out! Those kittens were just too cute to not mention them.

And wow, what a crazy profession your client has!

Anonymous said...

ooh, stash enhancement. I learned that same lesson at Stitches West...so the 2nd year, I ended buying 10 of anything I felt was sweater worthy :)

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful stash :) and the kitties are too cute!!! i love that one looking up at the camera..

rania said...

juls, now one skein of anything just doesn't do it for me anymore! Glad to hear I'm not the only one...maybe thats what happens after you hit your one-year-knitting mark!

ellia, the one looking at the camera is pinky, and the brain is getting squished on the right. Both are going to a friend, so that pair gets to stay "in the family" hee.