Chevron-ish Cafe

Here is my Chevron-ish scarf again...(yes, its still alive!)...getting longer and longer. I'm dying to block it so that it doesn't curly under. Have I mentioned that I block everything now? Even the teeny tiny knitting in my paintings gets blocked!

But before I do that, I am thinking of adding some twirly ends to this scarf with either the knitpicks twirly potato chip scarf pattern, or the other twirly version from Scarf Style.

That would make it more fun, right? Or maybe I'll look up some fun dangly edge in the Over the Edge book my brother got me a few months back. Hmmm...

Have you seen the new Greetings From Knit Cafe book? I flipped through it the other night at the bookstore and think its really awesome. The proportion of projects I'd make was pretty high. I will have to get it soon.

My knitting time has been severely downcut these days...at least I'm incorporating it into my artwork, right?

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Miss Priss Knits said...

The colors on your scarf are wonderful. I might have to pick up that book. Lately I have been a sucker for knitting books.

Anonymous said...

I soooo admire your penchant for blocking. I'm definitely pro blocker myself, but I tend to go the lazy route with scarves by "wet" blocking, which basically consists of just washing them. Hee hee!