make your own bath bombs?

how cool is that!

I found this over on the readymade blog.

Yes, a guide on how to make your own bath bombs!

Bath bombs are so Lush for me....and Lush is so San Fransisco for me because thats where I stumbled into the shop for the first time. I have a wrapped bathbomb in almost every clothes drawer. Now if only the bathroom with the bathtub in my house were renovated I could use them, and then make some more of my own!

Oh, wait. I don't need any more hobbies. Oops, forgot!

"Happy People Make Happy Soap"
as quoted from the Lush website.


Reya Mellicker said...

Hobbies? Do you mean knitting and painting and drawing? You're an artist, Shoofly!

Bath bombs, YES. I have a friend who makes them every Christmas for her friends. They fizz and almost explode when they hit the water. Very cool. Until your bathtub is back in service, you can at least explode them in a small tub of water to soak your feet, at least I would.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide, I just love these bath bombs and now I am going to look at the whopping 40 page manuel on the subject. I was first introduced to Lush while living in england and soon became fast friends with the whole store....it is fantastic!