Open Studio fun.

Thank you everyone who came out to my Open Studio this past Saturday! It was great to meet so many new people!

Here is a wall of some of the work I had up:

Sean's artwork is on the left, mine is on the right:

...and here is a peek at some new work in progress:

Yes, I am working on more in this series of connectedness paintings!

A set of eight are going off to Beirut at the end of the month for the show I'm taking part in. The title of the exhibit is "Shu Tabkha ya Mara?" and translates to "Whats Cooking, Woman?"

Here is the poster for the exhibit:

More information taken from the press release:
xanadu* Beirut in collaboration with the International Museum of Women and the "Imagining Ourselves" project presents "Shu Tabkha Ya Mara?"- an art exhibit collective of 21 female artists in their 20's and 30's from Lebanon.

"Shu Tabkha Ya Mara?" is xanadu* Beirut's biggest art intervention yet. The title of the show translates to "What's Cooking, Woman?" A derogatory statement most Arab women have become accustomed to hearing from their spouses over the years. We have taken this back and added a little spice to it with a twist of humor. It belongs to us now, as we show what today¹s generation of Lebanese women has been "cooking".

Hooray for art and for having art to exhibit! And hooray for people who love to look at and buy art!

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igotmoxie said...

is your stuff still there? i want to see the paintings before you leave!

i found my blue gocco filter! now nothing can stop me!!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Even the poster for the Beirut show looks right for you. What IS cooking, woman? The open house looks so great. Hoping I can get out there sometime sooner rather than later. I love you connectedness paintings!

rania said...

moxie, the paintings will be up there for another week! Do stop by! We could do a gocco play day there!

reya, I hope you can come by soon too!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the show!!!

your connectedness pieces are just AMAZING!!!!!! i am always googling over them!!!!

and those tags are cute too!!!