carbon ink.

I took a little walk over to Utrecht and bought carbon ink and carbon pencils to do some freestyle print gocco work. With the ink and pencils I'll be able to draw/write/ink/paint my designs on paper, then shoot a screen directly from it. The ways I've tried so far are:

:: Photocopies :: excellent. My usual gocco screenmaking process is to draw/paint/print something, scan it in, mess around with it in photoshop/quark to make it the right size and composition, print it out, photocopy it, and maybe photocopy the copy for interesting marks and textures. Definitely a winner.

:: Riso carbon pen :: a 0.3mm pen was used (the one that comes with the PG/B6). It worked well in the areas that had a lot of coverage, but not so great with the finer lines. Will try this out again.

My next print gocco experiments are going to be with the carbon:

:: Wolff's Carbon Pencils :: 4 different levels of hardness, and
:: Speedball Super Black India Ink [100ยบ carbon black, no pigments] ::

Once I try it out I'll post some results.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you show us some of your work! I'd love to see it.

rania said...

Oh my....becky....one of my blogging superheroes! thanks for stopping by and commenting!