Colin Meloy Sings.

Last night's Colin Meloy show at the Birchmere was great. I'd never been to the Birchmere before but it was quite an interesting place, and not too far from dc. My only complaint would be that most people hardly moved! Was it because of the cameras? I think the girl in front of me and I were the only ones with a little bounce in our toes! If you missed it, npr recorded it and you can download it on Monday from this link.

He played some decemberists, some new tunes, and one from his new ep. Yes, there is a new 'shirley collins' ep out, which I of course had to buy. They were only being sold on the tour, and the only place to find it now is through mr. ebay. The new stuff sounded great...can't wait till I get to listen to them over and over on my ipod. For now I guess I'll have to listen to it over and over again on npr. Thank you npr!

Oh, no carson ellis backdrops, but the new ep has her artwork on it....oh, and check out the decemberists shop for new baby onesies she illustrated. too cute.

On another music related subject, back to a few weeks ago, ipod dj night at saint-ex was fun. Basically, anyone with an ipod gets 12 minutes of play, and then the playlist is posted at www.ipodjukebox.com. Next event is Feb. 15.

Also, I'm a new fan of e.music. Give it a try! You get 50/100 free downloads to start off, then its $10/month for 40 and you can cancel anytime. Kind of like netflix, but you own the music once its over.

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